Each of our customers receives from us in their offer the necessary hosting space and domain name suggestions, and we configure everything for you free of charge. In case you wish to have and use cPanel you pay extra $59,99 for 1 year!

Professional support

Ticket system (HelpDesk) - 24/7 for all plans
Email support - 24/7 for all plans
Phone support - 24/7 for all plans
Chat support - 24/7 for all plans

Security and protection system

DDoS protection - 24/7 for all plans
24/7 monitoring for unauthorized mailbox access attempts - 24/7 for all plans
Mailbox protection - 24/7 for all plans
SPAM protection for opinions and comments - 24/7 for all plans
Protection against security breaches (hacking) of the site - 24/7 for all plans
Malware cleanup from hacked sites - 24/7 on all plans

Moving a site from another hosting provider

We will move your site to us for free. Count on our technical team to transfer your site professionally, quickly and without interruption. In addition, we will keep the term of your remaining prepaid time with your current hosting provider and you will start renewing your services with us from its expiry date and not from the date of your move.

Why transfer your site to us?

We offer the best protection for your site. With the technologies we use, your site will be protected from hacker attacks. Thousands of sites a day are hacked or attacked, which slows down or even blocks their work. We protect our customers sites.
We know running out of resources on your plan is maddening. We will fully take care of the security and speed of your site. Our customers rate us highly for the quality of service.
We will provide you lightning speed with latest generation LiteSpeed web server. It uses the new HTTP/2.0 standard, which allows it to serve content faster than any other solution on the market.




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